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Fire Bowl Salt Lamp
Retail $49.99
Sale $29.99

Small Natural Salt Lamp (4-5 lbs)
Retail $34.99
Sale $19.99

Curved Fire Bowl Salt Lamp
Retail $49.99
Sale $29.99

Fire Plate Salt Lamp
Retail $49.99
Sale $29.99

Fish Salt Lamp
Retail $59.99
Sale $24.99

Natural White Salt Lamp 12-15 lbs (Blue Large)
Retail $54.99
Sale $29.99

Welcome to Salt Lamps Paradise

The Top Source for Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps

People from around the world are talking about the many uses of salt crystal lamps, as well as their natural beauty. With so many people looking for natural ways to decorate their home and create a healthier lifestyle, the salt lamps for sale at Salt Lamps Paradise can provide you with a quality product that can help freshen the air and provide health benefits and relaxation to everyone living in the home.

100 Percent Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

We offer 100 percent natural salt rock lamps in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors so you can get the maximum impact without spending more money. Our salt lamps for wholesale prices provide you with the ability to remove pollutants from the air, such as pet dander, smoke and even environmental allergens, so you can breathe easier in the home. You donít even need to worry about running the rock salt lamps for too long because each one features a 15-watt bulb that doesnít use much energy and creates a peaceful ambience, similar to that of a burning candle without the added risk of fire.

A Salt Crystal Lamp for Health

When you purchase a Himalayan crystal salt lamp for your home, you will take advantage of the negative ions that release from the lamp as the bulb heats the salt. Most people are familiar with the air cleaning qualities of an ionized air filter machine. The ionic salt lamp can provide the same effect in a more natural state, allowing you all the health benefits, along with the natural look of ancient Himalayan salt.

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