The Science Behind Salt Lamps

Globe Salt Lamp
Salt lamps don't rely on magic or voodoo. They're not blessed salt crystals, and they don't use any ethereal force for their health benefits. Much like a sun box is known to help patients suffering from depression, salt lamps are known and scientifically proven to be healthful for people suffering from respiratory problems including asthma and allergies, as well as help people with certain mood disorders.

A salt is a chemical compound formed through an acid-base reaction consisting of both a positive and negative ion. When exposed to humidity, many salts will dissociated into their charged particles. A common example of this phenomenon is dissolving salt in water, or using salt as a deterrent against ice buildup in the wintertime. With our Himalayan salt lamps, the heat generated from the bulb will cause a gentle moisture buildup around the lamp as water vapor becomes heated and condenses about the rock. This will naturally cause the salt particles to dissociate into their ionic form, allowing their charges to interact with the surrounding environment. The air we breathe in, especially that of our enclosed spaces is almost always swarming with dust and stale air. The release in these salt ions causes a particle attraction and precipitation, removing many allergens from the air for cleaner, less humid breathing. Many users of our Himalayan salt lamps report relief from their allergies, and enjoy the beautiful ambient lighting from the lamps, also. An impressive exotic installment, our lamps make for great conversation pieces and works of art.

There are some people known to experience mood changes with the seasons, most likely owing to the changes in atmospheric content. As some people feel more irritable during cold winters or during hay fever season, so do people experience decreases in energy and general enjoyment in certain times of the year. It has been shown that a significant amount of patients suffering from this, a condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), report better moods with the use of our lamps. With a combination of its effects on air content and its warm, natural-looking glow, patients feel generally happier and more energetic with increased use. The human body requires light to maintain a healthy psyche. Much like plants need it for energy, so do we for maintaining proper mental process and sleep patterns.

Our Himalayan salt lamps are not your traditional lamps. Their therapeutic effects are consistently vouched for, and they promise to match any decor with our wide assortment of specially carved crystals. Buy one or many and watch as your home or office becomes transformed into a livelier, more beautiful place. We also offer wholesale if you're looking for a more ambitious overhaul of traditional ambient lighting.

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