How Can Himalayan Salt Lamps Help My Allergies?

Himalayan Salt LampWhat truly distinguishes our pristine salt lamps from traditional ambient lighting is its ability to help people suffering from even the most severe allergies. Allergies, as many might be aware to, is an immune reaction to non-pathogenic particles in the air, known as allergens. People with allergies have immune systems more sensitive to these particles, and the body reacts by producing large amounts of histamine in the attempt to fend off the supposed invaders. While it is a natural response and indicator that the immune system is intact, it can be incredibly frustrating, and even painful for some individuals that suffer severe allergies. Our Himalayan salt lamps been helping subside allergy attacks for many years.

The salt lamp works by gently ionizing the air to be more favorable for the human body. When the lamp is heated by the internal light, the salt particles in the lamp will begin to dissociate, allowing the negative ions to be released. This will gradually allow a negative ion gradient to build up in the air, neutralizing positive charges in airborne allergens, preventing them from triggering the body's allergic response. However, due to the atomic structure and nature of these salts, there is no change in mass. Charges are mass-less particles and will continue to build up and circulate without any physical repercussions. The lamp will remain functioning if properly maintained.

To use our Himalayan salt lamps to their maximum effectiveness, it is best to place them in areas where you will spend most of your leisurely time. Also safe for pets, it is fine and even recommended in households where there may be animals constantly releasing dust and allergens. There is no magic or chemicals involved with the Himalayan salt lamps, just simple and effective physics. Cater the size of your lamp to the size of your room, or place several around to maximize ionic release. When it comes to Himalayan salts, there is no such thing as too much.

Our Himalayan lamps run on a very low power without compromising brightness due to the incredible refractive abilities found in our ultra-pure salts. With a huge selection of shapes, sizes, colors and designs, you can find any number of lamps to match any decorum. Leave them on without leaving a dent in your wallet, and watch as your house becomes transformed into a place of exceptional productivity due to reduced allergies and a calmer, more focused mind.

For our authentic, imported, and individually spot-checked lamps, our prices are unmatched anywhere. Our master carvers have hand-carved a variety of beautiful shapes for our lamps, or if you prefer a more organic, natural mineral look, we have many of those, also. Everything in our lamps is completely natural and unique, hand-mined in the valleys of the Himalayans. We are so proud of our products that we will give you a 30 day guarantee or your money back. Stop squirting chemicals into your nose and give Mother Nature a shot; she will not disappoint!

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