Custom Colored Salt Lamps

  • Subsides asthma, allergies, headaches, fatigue, sinuses, bronchitis and other minor illnesses
  • Emits negative ions to create better air quality
  • Improves concentration and relieves stress
  • Uses less electricity than regular lighting
  • Beautiful lighting
  • Easy setup

Buying Guide

4-5 lbs, Small Salt Lamp - Covers 8x8 sq. feet (work cubicle)

7-9 lbs, Medium Salt Lamp - Covers 11x11 sq. feet (small bedroom)

12-15lbs, Large Salt Lamp - Covers 14x14 sq. feet (large bedroom)

19-22lbs, Extra Large Salt Lamp - Covers 17x17 sq. feet (living room)

For more information, please refer to Information on Salt Lamps